On the right you see a brief overview of topics covered in each week. Click on the *Week* on the right to open a page showing the agenda for each week, including reading assignments. For each *Week* there are three columns: The left column contains reading assignments, occasional homework, and lecture notes for each of the two days. The middle and right columns have the files for Tuesday and Thursday, including reading and links. There is no required overall textbook for this course; instead you are provided with short relevant excerpts from a number of sources including textbooks.

Week 0

Organization, Detectors, Statistics

Week 1

Electronics, Noise Lab

Week 2

Fourier Analysis, Power Spectra

Week 3

Noise Sources & Assign Experiments

Week 4

Systematics, Chopping & Lab Experiments

Week 5

Optimal Filters, Low Level Signals

Week 6

Detector Physics

Week 7


Week 8

Image Processing & Reconstruction

Week 9

Imaging Dark Matter, Pathological Science

Week 10

Lab Dark Matter, Microwave detectors